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Rockford Fosgate, a industry leader in high-performance car audio systems, is proud to announce that it has launched the Rockford Amplified Tuned System (RATS) online and smartphone installation and sales tool. Now live (, RATS takes the hard work out of system design via Rockford Fosgate’s installation and testing of pre-configured components in real vehicles, allowing an installer to easily determine which components best complement each other in a specific vehicle prior to installation.

“RATS displays the frequency response of a common factory sound system within a customer’s vehicle type, such as a truck, SUV, hatchback, or sedan,” explained Mark Lowe, Rockford director of RTTI. “Then, RATS allows you the ability to choose which Rockford Fosgate subwoofer and amplifier you’d like to try within that environment. Simply compare your selections to see which one will sound the best and play the loudest in your vehicle. Through our painstaking research in real vehicles, you’ll easily be able to determine which Rockford Fosgate products best complement each other.”


JL Audio JX500/1D Amplifier—43% Smaller Without Sacrificing Power or Performance

JL Audio JX500/1D Amplifier—43% Smaller Without Sacrificing Power or Performance



The JL Audio JX amplifiers have risen to the top of the company’s sales charts by delivering JL Audio’s no-nonsense, pure performance philosophy at very affordable price points.

Manville Smith, JL Audio’s V.P. of Marketing says, “The latest member of the JX lineup is a new Class D, 500 Watt monoblock, replacing the best-selling JX500/1. By shifting this model from traditional Class A/B technology to the more efficient Class D design, we were able to significantly reduce the size of the amplifier, while still delivering outstanding power and fidelity.”

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