CRX Installs

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Sample pictures of CRX Street class enclosures and systems.


{vsig_c}0|box.jpg|Storm drain box|This Street B system did 152.8dB's with 2x DD9512"s & a Z1{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|226000_174_full.jpg|CRX Box work in other cars|This CRX style box is installed in a SUV for Street B, using a slot ports instead of the normal aeroports{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|646575_8_full.jpg|Common Chamber|This slot ported CRX box features a common chamber, internal bracing and fibreglass. 2nd battery bumps this car into Street C{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|cables.jpg|Cabling|This system features 8 runs of 0g to feed power to the amp and 8 gauge cables for speaker wire!{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|Car20031.jpg|CRX Box works in sedans|This CRX box has been installed in the trunk of a sedan, with the ports firing forward{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|CRX_Box_two_12's.jpg|CRX Box Design|These are design diagrams for building a CRX box, supplied by "dB Don" former owner of Beyond Audio{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E5565W1M6842P4C.jpg|Street B install|Clean Street B Install with 2x DD 9515 & 2x DD Z1 amplifiers{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E6503W1M6842P2C.jpg|Street A install| A unique approach to a Street A system with subs sideways, port back{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E6619W1M6842P1C.jpg|Street A install|Another unique approach to a Street A system, subs (Kicker L7 10") and ports all firing sideways !{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E6619W1M6842P2C.jpg|Street A install|Same as E6503W1M6842P2C.jpg but different angle{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E6814W1M6842P1C.jpg|Street B Kicker System|Street B system with Kickers L7 12" in standard CRX enclosure{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|E6814W1M6842P2C.jpg|Street Tester|Testing enclosure for CRX, features external ports and a single 10" woofer{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|engine.jpg|Engine Bay Layout|Its not easy, but the gigantic Odyssey 2150 CAN fit into your CRX's engine bay{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|idav.jpg|Pretty Box|A nice CRX box finished in fibreglass and acrylic paints! For Street B{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|jeepbox.jpg|CRX Box in Jeep|The CRX box is very versatile and works well even in smaller SUV's like this Jeep{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|subsamps_thumb.jpg|Street C system|Street B CRX box adapted for Street C use with 2 extra 12"s and more amplifier power{/vsig_c}