Headunit Installion in X2-X3 Hyundai Excel & Accent

Removing console and Fitting a HU in an X2 or X3 Excel/Accent.


First of all, turn the engine off.

Put the gear shifter into 3rd gear (gets it out of the road) & make sure the hand brake is on.

On the underside of dash panel, remove the two plastic plugs. Undo the 4x 10mm bolts holding the under-panel guard in place (there's one on each corner)


Look up under the dash, next to the clutch pedal is a large black box with levers on it which are controlled by solid core cables (not electric cables, control wire cables). Un-do the two clips holding the cable sheaths onto the side of the box. Mark their position with liquid paper or masking tape so you know where they go. Disconnect the control rod ends from the levels (they simply loop over the levels).

Look underneath the glove box, next to the console is a 10mm bolt holding the support beam for the glove box in place, undo this bolt.

Open the glove box; the right hand side will hang down low. Jiggle it around so the right side stopper pops out. Look behind the glove box, against the firewall is another block box with control cable. Do the same as for the driver’s side.

Remove the ash tray. Remove the two screws behind the ash tray. Using a flat screwdriver, gently lever the top of the console fascia from the dash. Some force is necessary, it will pop out. Some jiggling is required to move it forward enough to get to the plugs on the switches and controls. Undo those plugs. The entire fascia should now come straight out, if not, check the control cables haven't snagged on something, or haven't been removed from the retainers properly.


You can now easily un-screw the headunit and remove it. Attach the OEM mounting to your new headunit (most headunit have the correct holes already! Atleast, Alpine & JVC do).

For wiring, I recommend buying an adapter with flying loom as they are readily available for under $15.


Re-installation is the reverse of removal. Ensure to clip the control cables back in their marked position, otherwise your vents might not work properly! When re-fitting the glove box, if the stopper pops out, don’t worry, they clip on.