Head - Unit Removal and Installation - 2003 Mitsubishi Magna

OK today we have a 2003 Mitsubishi Magna tutorial on how to remove the standard stereo and then install a new aftermarket one.

This may apply to other models of the Magna and varients sold elsewhere (Mitsubishi Diamante, Verada and V3000).

Any advice given is exactly that, ADVICE. You choose to attempt these steps at your (and your cars) own risk. DecibelCar.com are not responsible for any damage caused by carrying out these steps.


Anyway, here we go.




Step 1:

Remove centre console / shifter cover. There are no screws holding this panel in, just clips. If you carefully pry around the shifter you should be able to pop one or two of the clips. From there just grab ahold of it and carefully unclip the rest.


This is what your left with after removing this cover:


Step 2:

Remove Ashtray / Cigarette Lighter. Extra care should be taken removing this panel, as the clips can be really tight and too much force can break the plastic. Remove the ashtray and put your hand in the cavity, grab ahold of the ashtray bracket and pull towards you until a clip releases. Once youve got one or two clips undone the others should follow easily enough.

Once you have unclipped this panel, remove the wiring / plugs from the rear of it:

Step 3:

Remove Stereo / AC Facia panel. This one requires a little bit of patience and skill to get off successfully. First "mini" step here is to undo the two OUTER screws at the very bottom of this panel, see pic:


Now the bottom section of this panel should easily come out, but the top section wont just yet......like so:

What you need to do is JUST LOOSEN two screws at the very top just behind the stereo / AC facia panel. This allows the facia panel to come free of the AC controls etc. See pic:

After those screws have been loosened, the entire facia panel minus the AC controls comes free and your left with something like this:


Step 4:

Stereo Removal. Pretty easy from now on ;) Just need to locate the two screws holding the top section of the stereo bracket in place. If you look closely in the above pic you'll see two black screws at the very top of the brackets, just below each vents bottom corner....these need to be removed.

When they are done, the stereo and massive brackets can be pulled out from the dash and unplugged:


Step 5:

This requires you to wire up the new unit. I wont get into details in this tutorial but i will add that you can obtain the wiring colours / meanings from our partner site: http://www.caraudiowiring.net/

Alternatively, you can purchase harness adapters from your local auto parts or car audio store.


Step 6:

Mounting the new unit using the original brackets. You'll need to undo the 2 screws on either side of the standard stereo / brackets to remove the stereo itself. Note the position the stereo mounts in and which brackets go on which sides.

Once you have the old stereo out of the brackets, line up each bracket with the new stereos' mounting holes. They should only line up with both holes in the one position. Use the new screws that came with the unit to mount it.

When done, plug the new stereo in and insert it back into the dash, moving the AC control box accordingly. Then just re-install the screws that hold the stereo / bracket in place (2 at the very top and 2 at the very bottom).



Step 7:

Re-mount the stereo / AC facia. Installation is the reverse of removal with added care taken to plug all wiring back in (inc hazard lights) and lining up the AC control panel with the top mounting screws.

The AC control panel is held to the facia at the bottom via clips. These can be very hard to get back in. But patience and some thinking will prevail!!


Below is the finished result with the stereo face back on: