1968 Ford Mustang GT - Car Audio Install

Here's an article showing off an installation i did recently for a customer, he rang me wanting to know if i could design / install a system in his Ford Mustang. Naturally i assumed it was one of the newer versions, well i couldnt be more surprised when i arrived at his house to see a genuine GT 350H in the shed. He had recently imported it from the U.S. and was looking for advice on a complete sound system.


After coming to grips with the epic-ness of this ride, i talked him into not fitting subs etc. I explained that a car like this should have a system that takes a back seat to the car itself, and not distract from it. I also explained that i would rather listen to the engine than a stereo system, but when i grew tired of the engine then the system should be simple yet effective, with most importantly an accurate clean sound.  

Unfortunately the previous owner had hacked the metal dash to fit a new stereo (looked like it was done with tin snips!) and also did the same good work on the parcel shelf, cutting out large holes and placing a set of home audio speaker baffles on the shelf!

So it was decided to go with a decent Pioneer bluetooth head-unit, along with some MTX splits fitted in custom pods in the kick panels ( a HEAP of room in there). Fabricate a new parcel shelf and "flush mount" the rear speakers into the metal of the shelf, with the top section sitting over the top, a small detail but i thought it would once again distract attention from the system and put it back on the car! To round it off, i suggested just a single 4ch. amplifier to power the 4 speakers, which would be mounted on a newly fabricated panel behind the rear seats.


So heres the pics, first couple show the car as it stood when i arrived......should have taken a photo of myself here, showing the great amount of shock!


Heres a pic showing the newly installed Pioneer head-unit (forgot model number sorry). I did my best to straighten out the dash surrounding the stereo too.


This one shows the MTX front splits installed. After taking the photo i decided to re-locate the crossovers as there really wasnt enough room to neatly fit them in there. The splits were mounted on 12mm MDF with  custom fibreglass pods mounted to these. They were vented into the kick panel cavity for added midrange / bass output.

These next two photos show the custom made parcel shelf (covered in black vinyl to match the seats and exterior). The Pioneer grilles were painted black to once again blend in. The second pic shows the parcel shelf with the rear seat fitted.

This one shows the back of the panel created to hold the MTX 4ch. amplifier. Note the extra care taken to tidy up the wiring, this not only looks good (whos going to see it though?) but makes the wiring simpler and easier to identify, not to mention properly separating the power / earth and signal (RCA) cables essential for minimizing any engine noise / interference.

This last pic shows the other side of the board above, the home for the systems' amplifier. Once again just a simple, clean installation that dosent distract from the car when the boot is opened at car shows etc. Following this, the customer called me back to completely carpet the boot and create false panels for the rear quarter panel cavities etc. Forgot to take pictures of this but it wasnt anything special, just like the rest of the car.....neat, tidy and blends in.


Overall, after spending a good hour listening and tuning the system. The outcome was a natural, clear sound. The owner mainly listened to heavy metal / rock, so needless to say the speakers had some work to do! I tuned it for quality over volume, but still it went surprisingly loud, easily more than the owner expected and needed, which is a great thing. This means the system dosent have to work very hard to get to the desired volume level.

One noticeable omission is sound deadening, which was of course intentional. I wanted him to have the full "muscle car" experience, hearing everything that was meant to be heard (mainly road noise and ofourse the engine) when it came out new!