Big car stereo systems are extremely demanding on the cars electronics. You've come to the right place to learn more about the correct methods for upgrading car electrical systems to support your large subwoofer and car amplifier systems.
Articles include how to prevent flashing headlights, upgrading your power system with cables and batteries, through to extreme advanced topics on metal conductivity properties and cable selection.


Want to walk the walk ? You'll need to talk the talk ! Car audio dictionary and speaker specification dictionaries are right here. Covering popular topics ranging from old school tape decks to the modern iPod compatible DVD players, if you can memorise all of this you will fit in fine with any audiophiles you would ever meet. 

Looking to gets hands on with your install? Our guides and video tutorials are you step by step to audio nirvana.

Guides include subwoofer box fabrication, wiring, speaker installs, speaker recones and more.

This section is dedicated to the eletronics of car audio. Amplifer diagnostics to find out why its not working, right up to fully stripping and rebuild an Earthquake PHD2 and anything in between, if it involves electronics you will find it right here.

Electronics is an interesting and rewarding facet of of the car audio hobby. Learn amplifier calibration, using a CRO trace to test equipment to advanced topics on testing & repairing amplifiers at a component level.


Vehicle specific installation guides, tutorials, videos and sample install galleries. Look in here to find information on installing into various specific models and makes.

Downloadable programs, speaker profiles for WinISD, enclosure calculators and more, its all here.

This section is full of cool stuff we thought you'd all like, but doesnt really fit in anywhere else. Its not all car audio, but its all good and worth your time to read !


Automotive guides and tutorial videos. Covering repairs, restoration, modifications and more.

Our extensive tutorials cover cleaning, brake service, painting and repairs, window replace and customizations. If its mechanical, you'll find it in here.

Interested in the theory and physics behind the how and why of car audio ? If you're into SPL and want to move past the "begginers" stage and get into competition seriously you really should learn more about the physics behind SPL and car stereo. Topics include bracing, material densities, metal conductivity, design theories for walls and extended order bandpasses.

Also want to see tested results to prove these theories ? You're in the right section.